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  • You make plenty of sacrifices for your pet. You come home early to go for a walk. You spend a little more on that special food he or she likes. You make extra time for snuggling in the morning. You do plenty for that little guy or gal, but what you get in return makes it all worth it: unconditional love, endless entertainment and pure joy.

    The team at South Shore Veterinary Hospital knows just how you feel about your four-legged family member. That is why treating your pet with a calm, gentle touch is like second nature to us. We know how to win our patients over!

    We also know that choosing a Cicero and Clay Vet is an important decision. It’s about finding someone you can trust and with whom your pet can feel comfortable. We’d love the opportunity to become that vet to you! Whether it’s a routine checkup or life-saving critical care, you can count on us to be there, as your partner and your friend.

    Call or stop by any time – your Cicero veterinarian can’t wait to meet you!

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