Is your pet not feeling well but you’re not quite sure what’s wrong?

When a furry family member is sick, figuring out what the problem is can be a challenge. We can’t ask them to describe their symptoms or show us where it hurts. What’s more, many pets are very good at hiding the signs of an underlying illness or injury. For these reasons, we must rely on technology to help us uncover what may be bothering our animal friends. This includes the use of diagnostic tools, which allow us to examine your pet more thoroughly. The more techniques we have at our disposal, the better the chances of a full and speedy recovery for your loved one.

In-House Diagnostic Lab

There are many instances in which an external exam simply isn’t enough to definitively diagnose a health problem in a pet. When this is the case, we turn to lab work to help us understand what your pet is experiencing. South Shore Veterinary Hospital has a convenient in-house diagnostic lab. There our doctors are able to run a broad spectrum of tests, such as blood work and urinalysis. Being able to conduct these tests on-site can provide for a much faster and more effective treatment strategy.

Diagnostic Imaging Services

In addition to lab work, we also offer advanced imaging services to help identify and evaluate medical concerns. Digital radiology and ultrasound allow us to get a glimpse inside your pet’s body so we can uncover any problems that need to be addressed. We can use these tools to assess anything from broken bones to tumors, and just about everything in between. Best of all, both technologies allow for instant sharing via email. That means if your pet would benefit from the opinion of a specialist, we can arrange it right away.

If your pet has been acting a bit out of sorts lately and you’re feeling concerned, give us a call. We will help get the situation under control so we can focus on getting your pet back on the path to good health again.


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