Behavioral Counseling

Is your pet’s bad behavior driving a wedge between you both?

We all love our pets, but the fact is, they’re animals and they may act out from time to time. Unwanted behavior is a common problem that many pet parents have to deal with, whether it’s simple house training or something more serious, like aggression. If you’re struggling with a problem like this, you’re not alone. More importantly, we’re here to help! Our team has experience in diagnosing behavior issues in companion animals. We can pinpoint the root cause of your pet’s actions and provide you with a plan for overcoming that headache once and for all.

The first step in managing problem behavior is identifying its cause. This begins with a thorough health assessment to rule out any potential medical issues. Once your pet has received a clean bill of health, we can focus on diagnosing the precise problem we’re dealing with. Some of the many issues we’re able to assist with include, but are not limited to:

  • House training
  • Jumping
  • Destructive behavior
  • Excessive barking
  • Biting
  • Fear/anxiety
  • Aggression

Once we understand the type of behavior your pet is exhibiting, we can then get to work developing a plan to address it. Our approach is comprehensive, combining clinical medicine with behavior modification and pet training techniques. We will provide you with the education, tools and support you need to make that problem behavior a thing of the past.


Before you and your pet suffer through one more day of inappropriate behavior, call us. Let’s talk about how we can help. You deserve to enjoy a peaceful, positive relationship with your companion. We can get you there.

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