At South Shore Veterinary Hospital, we believe that wellness care should be the foundation of every pet’s health regimen. Our services are designed to support all of your companion’s needs and adapt accordingly over the years. We offer puppy and kitten wellness as well as adult and senior health care. Of course, along the way, we also have some fun tips to share with you as well. Today, we want to talk about your pet’s bowls!

You probably wash the dish you eat off of when you’re finished right? Each and every meal, you go wash it. Restaurants do the same because it would be gross if they didn’t, right? Now think about your pet. Most people feed either once or twice a day, but how often do you wash their bowls? It’s recommended that you wash your pet’s bowl after every single use, if possible! Rinsing under hot water is a good start, but soap will get the job done. Why are we doing this? After your pet eats food from and licks the bowl, bacteria can start to build up. Hot water doesn’t exactly do the trick on keeping it clean. It would be wise to also run their bowls in the dishwasher a few times a week. Typically, dishwashers run in the range of 130-170 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to kill the nasty grime living in your pet’s bowls. We promise your pets will appreciate the extra work you’ve put in to give them a fresh bowl to eat or drink out of.

Want to cut back on even more bacteria living in your pet’s bowls? Stick to materials that are not plastic, as they not susceptible to harboring bacteria like plastic does. Our pets are family, and they deserve the same cleanliness that we require of our dishes on a daily basis. The three minutes of hard washing every day will keep your pet much happier and healthier in the long run.

We want to know – how often do you wash your pet’s bowl? If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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